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Suiting any price range, Simple Cigs carries e cig starter kits that offer an array of  options which give users the fulfillment in understanding that even their most basic ecigarette kit has an incredible value. The SimpleCig Ultimate Kit offers all of the ease of a modestly priced starter kit with a plethora of accessories, including: multiple ecig batteries and multiple flavors of eliquid and ecigarette cartridges. To get the most bang for your buck I recommend going with the Premium Kit for $69.95 which comes with 2 ecigarette batteries in multiple sizes , 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger & 1 Carrying Case plus it also comes with 8 refill cartridges which is the equivalent to almost 8 packs of traditional cigarettes.I placed my SimpleCig order live online through their online support. Although it’s usually easier to order by phone at 888-903-6401. Then proceeded to ask questions someone new would like to know. She was patient, considerate, knowledgeable as well as accurate in her answers. I was left feeling quite happy.

She furthermore suggested before placing my order which I phone in their hotline to check on the stock levels to avoid probable back-orders.
The internet checkout process is easy and efficient, and planning to receive my kit rapidly. As I was told during my support chat it left the same day. I received my package within 2 days.Final Thoughts On Simple CigsThis relatively new supplier is performing every thing right. I concur with other reviewers that SimpleCigs deserves top marks within the key aspects of service, prices, and also product quality. Simple Cig come with an hard to beat Lifetime Warrantee on electrical components plus a 30-day cash back guarantee. You are assured that you will be happy with your purchase.Simple Cigs was great. I had a blast buying and searching for my own products. Not simply will I be going to them at some point, but I will be helping my buddies find this excellent company by having an even better popularity.
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Are you looking for Saphire electronic cigarette reviews and coupons?

Are you looking for Saphire electronic cigarette or Saphire e cigarette reviews or coupon codes? If you are we are not surprised. Saphire electronic cigarette supplies e cigarette starter kits and ecig refills on free trial offers. Most people who have heard about Saphire e cig have received an email for free e cigarette starter kits and will charge a $4.95 shipping and handling charge for the products. However, what comes to an unpleasant surprise to most people is the following charge the next month if they do not return their products for the trial. A lot of times charges can be up to $100 for additional e cig refills. If you are looking for an electronic cigarette brand that has no hidden or unnecessary fee’s go with SimpleCig e cig.


SimpleCig e cig offers low priced premium electronic cigarettes with absolutely no hidden fee’s attached. If you read SimpleCig products reviews you’ll see that their Customers have fallen in love with the low prices and great product selection. Unlike a lot of e cigarette companies SimpleCig e cigarette supplies three different tobacco flavors as well as menthol, cherry, vanilla and coffee all priced to sell! Plus each SimpleCig order has free shipping and is shipped same day of purchase. No more waiting long processing time. Most SimpleCig customers get their products within 2-4 days of purchasing.

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Logic E Cigs Coupons and Reviews

Are you looking for Logic E Cig coupons and reviews. sells their e cigarette disposables & starter kits online and in convenient stores all across the East Coast. Although moderately priced compared to traditional cigarettes; Logic ecigs is not exactly the best priced e cigarette on the market. Sure Logic ecigs brand gives its customers a better and cheaper alternative on the retail store level, but if you are looking for the best priced electronic cigarette that still yields unbeatable technology may we suggest a different brand? Simple Cig electronic cigarettes uses only the most up-to-date electronic cigarette technology on the market. SimpleCig ecig has some of the best customer reviews on the market as far as price, taste and performance. Decide for yourself if SimpleCig will be the best brand for you.

Logic E cigarette starter kit $22.99 +shipping

Includes one rechargeable battery, two cartridges and one USB charger

SimpleCig E cigarette starter kit $29.95 + free shipping

Includes one rechargeable battery, three cartridges, one USB charger and one carrying case

(six bucks more you get an extra cartridge and carrying case)

Logic 5 pack cartridges $22.99 Choose between tobacco and menthol flavors

SimpleCig 5 pack cartridges $12.99 + free shipping choose between three USA favorite tobacco blends as well as menthol and designer flavors cherry, coffee and vanilla.

Simple Cig also ships out every order same day of placement. Most of SimpleCig customers receive their merchandise between 2-4 days of ordering.

Overall thoughts: Although it can be convenient to go to your local liquor store to pick up an extra pack of e cigs, ordering from SimpleCig can save you time and a ton of money in the long run. SimpleCig still beats out the price of Logic ecigs refill cartridges 5 pack as far as flavor selection and price! Although the price of the starter kit can be a little more, you are getting an cartridge and carrying case as well as a better flavor selection.



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E Cigs Brand Review and Coupons (

Are you looking for or E Cigs Brand coupons and reviews? If you are looking for them, we’re not surprised. Electronic cigarettes are now the number one alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. With zero tar, 1000 times less cancer causing carcinogens, and zero secondhand smoke; it’s no wonder why 4 million people across the USA have made the switch. If you are looking for the best prices for all your ecigarette needs, you wont need an coupon, just order you products from


SimpleCig electronic cigarettes provides nothing but the best e cigarette technology available on the market today. Read for yourself our ecig reviews: our Customers have fallen in love with our products taste and performance. SimpleCig is a no membership required website. Unlike E Cigs Brand, we will never charge your credit card without you knowing! Our prices are already low so you wont need a membership when you order from us. Plus we have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your products tastes ect… Just return it and we’ll exchange or refund you. Don’t be fooled by free electronic cigarette trial offers. Buy from the number one rated electronic cigarette company; SimpleCig Electronic Cigarette.